Laura Collins and the Back Porch Blues Band at the Lido
23 August 2014
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29 August 2014
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30 August 2014
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31 August 2014
Laura Collins and the Back Porch Blues Band at the Lido

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Laura Collins, known for her soulful vocal delivery and on-stage energy giving it sass, cheek and heart in equal measure says “I’m all about putting on a show. I’m lucky enough to be playing with some men who are huge talents, I enjoy working with them just so I get to listen to them".

One of those talents is Wayne Mason, a well-known Kiwi songwriter in his other life, also one hell of a stonkin’ boogie blues piano player. So look out for wild solos with a wonderful sense of abandon. Matthew Newman, originally from Portland Oregon on guitar, moves between adding funk to handing out heart-wrenching solos with ease. In the engine room George Barris (long time NZ player, of early fame in the band 'Highway') on mellow upright bass and Pete Cogswell on Back Porch Drums.

Laura says having a more acoustic rhythm section allows the band to stay at an easy volume “It doesn’t need to be loud to groove, this is a vocals led band and I’m all about finding the heart of the song. We’re about keeping it mellow, easy on the ears, but we’ll still make you want to dance”.

You can expect a little Etta James, some Bonnie Raitt, some Muddy Waters and many more favourites, a whole lot of cheek, some fine playing and a dressed up, toe-tapping, good old southern time on the back porch.

Laura Collins and the Back Porch Blues Band will be rockin' at the Lido, come down and enjoy

8.30 - 10.30pm, Lido Café, Victoria St, no cover, come in for dinner or drinks

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